Student Reviews

Students speak out about their experiences in RA Capital courses.

Spring 2020

"There is so much useful material in the class that you will come away both overwhelmed and highly appreciative of the experience."

- Alex Wang

"RA Capital's insight on biotech exposed me to a completely new perspective and mindset that will definitely shape my future career decisions! Truly a privilege to participate, and definitely a must for anyone considering entering the biotech business space!"

- Christos Michas

"If you are a scientist like me and are interested in the business side of biotech - particularly if you are considering entrepreneurship - then this course is for you. If you faithfully put in the time required for this course, you will leave with valuable tools to help you on that path and will be thankful that you did!"

- Rob Shaffer

"The Business of Biotechnology course gave me insight into a world that had been largely opaque to me. It helped me to develop a knowledge base that has allowed me to participate in meaningful conversations about how to ensure that drugs will be plentiful, available, and affordable."

- Student, Spring 2020

"To scientists relatively new to biotech - you will not view your work or career the same after this course."

- Student, Spring 2020

"If Peter were my professor at Harvard, I would nominate him for a teaching award. He teaches with great lucidity, thoughtfulness, and conviction. He has also planned material that is directly relevant to our professional growth in the biopharma industry. So often I found myself dazed in fascination by the subject matter and Peter's pedagogy."

- Sally Wang Liang

Fall 2019

"This course shifted my thinking to a much broader appreciation for the varying forces at play in biotech innovation and also led to lively discussions even outside the course when discussing the concepts with friends and colleagues."

- Audra Amasino

"As scientists it is very easy to just focus on our next paper, grant etc. but we also have a social responsibility to educate the public about what we do, why we do it and how it helps bring new drugs or treatments. This is particularly important now that the confidence level among people about the pharmaceutical/ biotech industry as a whole is at its lowest. But often times, we do not know enough about the pharmaceutical/biotech industry to start a meaningful, rationale discussion. This course prepared me to have that conversation. Also, the chance to listen to Peter, who is a rock star, was especially rewarding."

- Suparno Bhattacharya

"A mind-blowing educational experience. The course aligns business, finance, policy and social concepts that build the biotech ecosystem. Highly recommended, come see it yourself!"

- Yi-Li Min

"You might think you are kind of busy now or that maybe you’ll apply next time….That’s not a question! Apply NOW as you can’t afford not to! This is not another traditional lecture style course that you can take somewhere else. Through the combination of reading and writing assignments, in class sessions and active online sessions – I learned about the Biotech Social Contract, what drug prices analysis entails, and what the anatomy of a successful pitch is, among other advanced topics. I left with a renewed appreciation for the process of building a company that is both incredibly complicated but elegantly simple (the maps help with visualization) and I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested."

- Ira Male

"This course teaches new lenses through which to view biotech advancements.Often in academia, I have found that people can get stuck on the impact factor of a journal showcasing a new technology-- they do not fully consider the practicality and market size of how this work could realistically impact the lives of people around the world. If you are considering a career in biotech, whether for a large company or as part of a start-up company, I highly recommend this course to learn where true value is found in a company or product. You will learn how companies are valued, how technologies are priced, and what goes into creating a stable business model. These tools are sure to make you a more successful founder, funder, or employee!"

- Nicole Black

"The course was beyond my expectations. I'm sure I will keep coming back to what I've learned from the course in the future with a lot of 'ah-ha' moments. Plus, thanks to this course, I was able to meet a group of brilliant and enthusiastic people who wholeheartedly care about the future of the biotech industry and will fight for it."

- Chensu Wang

"An amazing opportunity to build an understanding of every player in the biotech industry.I've previously taken other biotech/start-up flavored courses, all of which have focused mostly on helping academics with IP generation and pitch design. RA Capital's course is unique and dives deep into incentives that drive the behavior of various stakeholders, and sheds a light on the investor's perspective in biotech. I highly recommend this course to anyone to would like to properly and thoroughly grasp the biotech ecosystem."

- Amanda X. Chen

"If you are even a little curious about what it takes to create a drug and get it to market, this course is for you. The material was fascinating, the assignments were insightful, my fellow classmates were kind and interactive, and the instructor and TAs were actively engaged in discussions online and in class. My time spent was well worth it and I will reflect back on what I have learned for years to come."

- David Jackson

"This course has radically changed my perspective on the biotech business, and the role I can play in it. It has also prepared me to identify -and has inspired me to face- the existing and future challenges of this industry."

- Student, Fall 2019

Summer 2019

“This course is the ‘Freakonomics’ of the biotech industry–a unique insider’s perspective on investing, how common conventions create misaligned incentives, and how investors and executives can buck tradition to create better outcomes for all stakeholders. I highly recommend the course to anyone in the biotech ecosystem.”

– David Migl

“The course has debunked many myths for me, and motivated me to one day consider my future in the biotech space!”

– Hugo Caicedo

“A must-take class for anyone interested in the biotech sector! Worth every second of your time.”

– Norah Owiti

“You will view the biotech ecosystem in a completely different way and wonder how these brilliant/controversial ideas are never discussed in schools.”

– Kevin Huang

“Guided by Dr. Kolchinsky and a remarkable peer group, the class urges individuals to conceptualize their tremendous roles, responsibilities and potential in this rapidly evolving field. The class explores business, financial and regulatory innovation that is actively evolving to support scientific advances. If you are interested in the ecosystem that transforms scientific innovation into commercial reality, consider this course!”

– Iris Braunstein

“Beyond learning the jargon of biotech financing, students who take this course will conceive how biotech executives can incentivize investors and scientists to align with their missions, how drug prices are determined and justified, and how understanding the competitive landscape can inform successful commercialization. Peter Kolchinsky and his team provide unparalleled access to materials and support necessary to delve deeply into these important questions that are necessary to bridge bench to bedside. I recommend this course without any hesitation.”

– Michael Mazzola

“They say what they’ll do, and they’ll do what they say. Through data-driven insights, seminal case studies, and Peter’s deep memory bank, this short but intensive course provides a framework for understanding complex and fundamental topics in biotech. You won’t get this educational experience anywhere else.”

– Soufiane Aboulhouda

“You won’t be given numbers or terms to memorize, you will witness how the business fundamentals work, how to approach biotech decisions based on available data, how to identify and disintegrate bad ideas, and how to build and leverage an analytical framework that can adequately explain past outcomes and accurately predict future scenarios.”

– Yusuf Erkul

“This course provided me with a solution-oriented frame work with which to think about the science I pursue–one that grounds my explorations in principles of value creation for the healthcare industry and the patients it serves.”

– Anika Gupta

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